88Facing court is never much fun; especially if there is a prospect of facing serious penalties including a custodial sentence.

Courts use psychological assessments and reports to help them make decisions in relation to understanding an individual’s behaviour when sentencing.

On referral from a lawyer we use a system of in-depth interviews and psychometric tests to assess an individual.

If required we will visit gaols to conduct the assessment.

Section 32 Assessments

At the request of a Court or lawyer we assess and report in terms of Section 32 of the NSW Mental Health (Forensic Provisions) Act, 1990.

Important Note

The assessment and preparation of a psychological court report for submission to a Court is done without fear or favour. Psychologists submitting reports to a Court are deemed to be expert witnesses and servants of the court, as such they are bound by the “Expert witness code of conduct”.

Therefore a psychological court report will not advocate either in favour or against a client.